Simple Tax Guide for expats in the Netherlands.

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Dutch national health and social security insurance

Like all major developed countries The Netherlands has a social security system for its population. The Dutch social security system is split into a national social security (volksverzekeringen) for all residents of The Netherlands and an employee social insurance specifically for employees working in The Netherlands.                         Click here to read more...

12 Jan 2019

Tax advantage for expats: The 30%-ruling

Expats working in The Netherlands are entitled to the 30% ruling. It is a facility for employees from abroad who possess special expertise which is scarce on the Dutch labour market. The 30% ruling is applied on your renumuration (salary, bonus etc) and ensures that up to 30% of the gross renumeration received is not taxed since it is treated...      Click here to read more...

03 Jan 2019

Taxation of non-residents in The Netherlands

As non-resident taxpayer you are not entiteld to the same deduction and credits as resident taxpayers of The Netherlands, unless the tax treaty between The Netherlands and your resident country has a non-discrimination clause covering personal deductions and credits.As of 2015 non-resident tax payers from the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway...                Click here to read more...

20 Dec 2018

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